Stressed about politics? President Trump? Feeling helpless?

The past week has been a roller coaster of change and upheaval. No matter who you voted for or did not vote for, the reality is here, and many people are having difficulty dealing with it.  The key here is to think about why you are allowing these events, news, issues to distress you?

First ask:
Is there anything I can personally do to change this right now?

(i.e. did you already vote for the other person? Then yes, you tried. Also, can you vote in upcoming elections both local, state, and national to make changes? Yes, you can.)

If there isn’t anything you can do right now, then you are creating stress for yourself for no reason. Only focus on what you CAN do, what you CAN control, what you CAN change.  When you choose to focus on these three key factors, then your stress begins to diminish greatly.

What are some examples of actions you can do? For example, have you written to your state, local, and national representatives to express your views and feelings respectfully? Write a post card, they are more likely to be read, short and sweet, and emphasize what you are wanting changed. Write weekly, daily, monthly, whatever makes you feel better, and you think will make a change.

Donate to causes that help make changes possible. i.e. ACLU, refugee orgs (ARC), etc. Be sure to research charities for their “grades” online and pay attention to where money goes in all orgs you donate to.

Take action in your life and local community. Give time to those in need, volunteer for organizations you care about, and share about them on your social media.

After you’ve done something, ask yourself, am I still feeling stressed out about ______?  If you are still feeling residual stress even after taking actions, try to release it with positive self-care (meditate, listen to music, do something creative, take a bath, make a list of your favorite things to do to relax and do them).

Finally, go on a news diet. Stay informed, read good, objective news…I like the Guardian, and the Washington Post. Only watch the national and local news for basic info no more than 30 minutes a day.  Don’t read news on Facebook and other social media, as it is sometimes wrong, biased, and fed to you based on algorithms that will not give you ALL info.

I hope this helps you feel more in control, empowered to make change, and gives you some ideas to help mitigate your stress in these crazy times.

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