Stress Relief and the Relaxation Response

Understand the Relaxation Response and Ease Your Stress

It is shown in research that in eliciting the relaxation response, you can help reverse negative health impacts of stress through meditation techniques.

Meditation can help induce Relaxation ResponseThe relaxation response is the opposite of the stress response. There are no drugs that can counteract the effects of the stress response according to Dr. Benson.  Inducing the relaxation response involves “breaking the train of everyday thought.” According to Dr. Benson’s methods, you should try to give yourself the time to do this first thing in the morning. Sit quietly, breath slowly, choose a soothing word and on each exhale repeat the word. Repeat the meditation for 10-20 minutes. The results are that it changes the brain, lowers blood pressure, slows metabolism, and any condition negatively impacted by stress will be improved.

Dr. Benson claims that regularly inducing the relaxation response can actually change genetic expression, reversing negative outcomes. Other ways of inducing the Relaxation Response are through meditation, tai chi, some types of yoga, and repetitive prayer. Research has shown that meditation can actually reduce cardiac risk factors.

If you are at risk for heart issues, diabetes, and other stress related illnesses, then you owe it to yourself to give yourself the time it takes each day to bring about the relaxation response. Check out Dr. Benson’s book, or just try it for awhile. You can review the steps on his website, and find out how much better you feel when you begin to reverse the horrible effects of stress.

Relaxation Response Videos and Links:

Video of Dr. Benson Speaking about the Relaxation Response

To learn more about the Relaxation response, watch this video on ABC News with Dr. Benson:
Visit Dr. Benson’s site:

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