LifeHack.Org- Stress Relief Guide has published a complete guide to stress relief, and it’s here.
The best recommendation they make which I have tried, and when I do it, it works is making a daily schedule. If you’re like me, and it is impossible for you to have an absolute routine week (I take care of a 4 year old at home, run a side IT consulting business, and am finishing my masters), then it helps a lot to just take five minutes at the beginning of the day to note down a realistic schedule. It will kind of resemble a to-do list, but should include times, because that helps you focus on changing activities on-time (hard to do when immersed in Mine Craft).  I say realistic, because I have a tendency to overload myself, or expect too much of myself. So I have tried to engage in mindful self-compassion, and just focus on absolutely one or two achievements a day, and the rest can flex, move, or maybe not even get done. This helps me not  beat up on myself too much when the schedule doesn’t go as planned (like your 15 year old calling you at 6pm to take him to the ER for a broken hand).To Doist task list and schedule features relieve stress

So take a peek at that article for further tips, and also take a look at Christopher Germer’s site and free downloads for mindful self compassion! Relieve yourself by being a little more structures (the daily schedule), and letting go of all that stuff you can’t control.

A great app is called To Doist, and it allows you to make great lists and attach times/calendar dates to the items as well. You can use desktop/phone/tablet versions and they are always syched.

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