Ease Stress Through Ancient Hawaiian Forgiveness Practice – Ho’Oponopono

Ease Stress Ho'Oponopono4 Easy Steps to More Peace

We know that most of our stress is caused by our own thoughts about our lives. Yes, there are stressful external circumstances, but how we cope with them is largely dependent on our cognitive processing of those events. We can be positive, we can be negative, we can be in denial, we can be resilient, but ultimately, how we feel about something is in direct relation to our thoughts.

Recently, I was introduced to an idea called ancestral clearing. There are some who believe that our genes carry more than just physical information on the DNA, but also possibly hand down ancestral memories via a universal consciousness. Karl Jung believed in this universal consciousness, and it was the foundation of his concept of synchronicity.

Ancestral clearing practices have been in place across multiple cultures, but I want to focus on the Hawaiian practice of Ho’Oponopono. Traditionally, this was a family or group ceremony where a spiritual leader/counselor will guide a family to state their issues, apologize for those issues, express gratitude, and love for one another, and thus clear the issues from the family history, freeing the individuals spiritually and emotionally.

There are modern psychological treatments which do the same thing for trauma patients, especially one called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocesing). EMDR helps people replace negative and traumatic memories with more positively charged feelings and thoughts. The scientifically, evidence-based process is approved by the VA to help veterans, and I can attest it is extremely effective.

The interesting convergence of these two concepts is what the current leader in Ho’Oponopono, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len calls getting to zero. Basically, using a method he calls “cleaning”, Dr. Hew Len teaches people to process their memories/programs from childhood and beyond to release blocks within them. Once the blocks are released, a person is free to receive Divine inspiration. According to Dr. Hew Len, we have a choice to struggle and suffer reacting to our memories and programs, or we can clear them and move toward our goals with a clear mind and heart.

Two leaders in this field of ancestral clearing are John Newton, an actor who trained and transitioned his life over to serving others through these practices, and Howard Wills, his mentor, who also has his own version of Ho’Oponopono utilizing a form of prayer.

I will post links to their videos and websites here if you’d like to give it a try. I have personally been doing the prayers/clearing routines for a few weeks, and have felt more at peace with my efforts to stop eating sugar and manage/release anger.  The awesome thing about these programs is they are not a religion, cult like, you don’t have to join or pay anything to practice. You can sign up for classes if you want to, and both John and Howard do their own personal sessions, but I recommend just reading and trying it on your own. I’m open to discussing it with anyone as well. I would love to hear about the results.

Remember these four basic parts:
1. Say you are sorry, take responsibility (even if it’s not just yours…there is no such thing in a Universal consciousness)
2. Ask forgiveness from yourself, for yourself, forgive yourself, and anyone related to the issue.
3. Express gratitude/thanks
4. Express love

And keep cleaning until you feel you are in the “void” or back to zero….

I recommend starting with books by Hew Len, because they are short and to the point:

Then I recommend watching John Newton’s ancestral clearing Youtube:

John’s website is: healthbeyondbelief.com

Howard Wills, who John studied as part of his training, has a couple videos here:

These are what John Newton calls complementary ways to help you improve your life. They are not meant to replace medications, treatment with counselors or psychiatrists, or other health professionals. However, I believe if you do these practices, they work on your mind much like meditation and mindfulness, giving you the peace and space you need to move forward.


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