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Best Antidote to today’s stress- HUMOR!

When in doubt, laugh. Laughing heals, makes you feel more positive in general, and releases endorphins, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-laughter-may-be-the-best-pain-medicine/   . So in an effort to minimize your pain and stress, and increase your overall pain tolerance, I give you a funny video … Continue reading

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Stress and Retirement

Stress and Retirement. Retiring is what we’re all supposed to look forward to. At least in the days of the previous generation to the Baby Boomers, retirement meant a solid pension on top of social security, keeping your house until you … Continue reading

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Stress and Divorce

  Divorce and Stress. It sucks pretty much no matter who you are in the equation. Whether you’re the one who wants to leave, and definitely if you’re the one being left, divorce rips your heart out and pretty much … Continue reading

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