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Stress Relief and Your To-Do List

Certain personality types, especially those experiencing anxiety and high stress levels have a way of being which involves this innate pressure to push yourself to do the next thing. It’s like you never feel complete, done, and have this never … Continue reading

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Best Antidote to today’s stress- HUMOR!

When in doubt, laugh. Laughing heals, makes you feel more positive in general, and releases endorphins, http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-laughter-may-be-the-best-pain-medicine/   . So in an effort to minimize your pain and stress, and increase your overall pain tolerance, I give you a funny video … Continue reading

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Stress Relief Thought of the Day – July 4 – Don’t Borrow Stress

I know many people who are constantly talking about issues related to those they love and care about. By taking on their problems, you are only increasing your stress. You may think you are helping them somehow by thinking about … Continue reading

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Organic, Vegetarian: How Eating and Ethics Can Help You Ease Stress

Okay, please don’t abandon ship before I have a chance to explain! First off, I’m not some PETA, hemp wearing activist, but I want to make some points I’ve learned from my own experience over the past few months. Before … Continue reading

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Facebook Games : Time Waster or Stress Reliever

How many times has someone said tsktsktsk when you tell them you like a certain game on Facebook? You maybe sneak time here and there to play your favorite farm game or island game. Or maybe you love poker or … Continue reading

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