10 Natural Tips to Beat Stress- Start with What You Eat

Solid article on how to eat better, relax, control your cortisol levels, and overall lose stress and get more rest :-) Happy Sunday…my favorite day to make the we stress go away. Get stress free now

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Sugar Stress Cocaine and Addiction

Sugar consumption combined with stress can raise blood presure to dangerous extremes, and is more addictive than cocaine.

Listen to Here and Now interview. Find out why you crave sugar, how it increases physical stress like high blood pressure. Learn why when given the choice between sugar and cocaine, animals choose sugar more. We are paleolithically wired to consume natural sugars to store fat for winter, even though we no longer need the protection. Listen and learn about why Snicker  bars are  cheaper than apples!

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Healing Sounds 432hz and 528 hz

singing bowls 432hz healing soundsA friend of mine recently introduced me to the idea of biosonics. It is basically following the idea that as we are all part of the matter of the Universe, and according to Einstein, we are all vibrating masses of energy just vibrating at different levels. Some things vibrate at levels that are mathematically significant, and from this come various theories that there are frequencies of sound that can heal us.

There are a number of sites where you can read more, just google 432 hz and 528 hz and the word healing. You can learn about how ancient monks used the theories of sound and healing to create their chants, and how Tibetan bowls are tuned to certain frequencies for healing purposes as well.

healing tones frequenciesFor a few weeks now, I’ve been doing two things…I’ve been listening to music at 432 and 528hz on Spotify (just search the key words 432hz or 528hz to find special recordings), and I’ve been using a regular music player which can filter your existing music which was recorded at 440 standard and change it to 432hz. No matter whether you think it’s real or psychosomatic, if it makes you feel better, you should just try it. A good music player available for your phone/tablet is called Maple, and there is another called the 432 player. On Maple you have to go into the settings and make some changes that set it up to 432hz. You can google for directions on how to do it once you download the player.

What does all this mean? Well, it means you have yet another tool in your toolbox for easing stress, increasing your rest, and healing yourself from the very vibrations of your matter. If you’d like to try some out, this site has some good samples:


Here’s a video of my friend Mike playing his flute that is created tuned to 432hz…the sounds are just lovely and if you don’t think they hit some part of you that is a core place, then try listening again :-)

Michael Smith at 432hz :-)

Hope you enjoy these. Try it out, let me know in an email or comment if you like it.

Also, here is a link if you have AMAZON PRIME, you can download these as part of your prime membership:



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Products to Relieve Stress

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

doTerra Essential Oils - StressandRest.com

Find out the best way to get to ease your stress with essential oils.

doTerra is an essential oils provider and StressandRest has created a partner website to help you find the best essential oils to heal your stress. Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy, on skin, and internally, and doTerra has great resources to help you learn which ones are the best for you. Please read up on the best ways to utilize the oils, and consider purchasing.

Essential Oils for Stress Relief- doTerra

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