Funny Stress Relief Meme of the Day ;-)

lower cortisol with a good laugh

Laugh and lower your cortisol!!

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Cortisol – Let it Go and Relieve Your Stress

garfield meme weightI want to say that relieving stress is not easy when you have a personality given to worrying, anticipating, or just thinking in general about possible outcomes. Most people with a decent imagination have this problem. Unfortunately, when you can imagine the worst, your body doesn’t really know the difference, and perceives that you are in trouble, releasing more of that wonderful fat-storing hormone called cortisol. Continue reading

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Best Antidote to today’s stress- HUMOR!

When in doubt, laugh. Laughing heals, makes you feel more positive in general, and releases endorphins,   . So in an effort to minimize your pain and stress, and increase your overall pain tolerance, I give you a funny video for today, thanks to a friend on Facebook :-)


If you thought these were funny, you can also get more laughs at this book:

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Book Review – Darkness Visible – William Styron

Darkness Visible by William Styron is a short but memorable read about the dark path of people suffering depression. You may say, Mary, why are you bringing me down over a holiday weekend, with a book about depression. This book is not only a very real portrayal of the reality of depression, but is an invaluable insight for family members, mental health providers, and people suffering depression. Styron removes stigma and creates the necessary climate for discussing the darkness and the light of getting through depression to its other side, even with the specter of suicidal thoughts. Stress and depression are closely linked, and Styron also shows how medications can make things both better and worse. Anyone taking psychotropic (drugs for your brain) should read this to understand the dangers of getting them from anyone other than a psychiatrist (like your family doctor!) Finally, this book is amazingly well written, and I found myself lingering over certain passages just from a purely literary pleasure…such as, “the ferocious inwardness of the pain produced an immense distraction that prevented my articulating words beyond a hoarse murmur” (Sytron, p19).

Check it out on  Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness

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